Foundaing Statement


Syria, the country of ancient civilization , rich history and diverse cultures and social fabric, is the  pride of  all its people  . It  has been the  oldest  country throughout ages that  taught  humanity the first alphabet , the arts, literature and poetry, and   the most open and versatile country  to the outside world . From all these facts  , the assembly  inspired its name :  Mother, Syria.

Syria,  mother   of all Syrians , has embraced  all its peoplle, of different races, colors and diverse intellectual, religious and sectarian beliefs

Healing the wounds,  restoring amity  to the people of this country and unifying  ranks, is but  the responsibility of those who belong to this country, and have  conscience, morals and dignity.

(Syria may get  sick but never dies)

Stemmed from  our belief that it is our inevitable duty , to make of our country the most beautiful picture in this world, we, a group of activists,  elites and intellectuals ,  university professors and doctors, holders of  university degree of various disciplines , traders,  and Public figures from  all parts  of Syria founded “ Mother Syria Assembly” (MSA).

General principles

MSA  identifies  Syrian citizenship as a basis surpassing  any other considerations , being, religious , sectarian , tribal ,ethnic or otherwise, It   adheres to  the principles of equality and equal opportunities for all , and to strengthening the foundations of democracy and separation of powers .

MSA vows  to work with all Syrians  to brook freedoms and build a rational political system that ensures the exercise of sound democracy,  where competing  political parties and forces  practice , free , fair  and transparent competition to win votes of the Syrian people as a main source of authorities.

It ensures a system that guarantees people liberty to hold  executive authorities responsible , real peaceful trading  of authority, and comprehensive stability  that provides a healthy climate for the establishment and development of an integrated social justice and genuine entrepreneurship.

Founding  MSA  is but an ambitious  patriotic act to build a powerful and  sophisticated Syria , ruled by its own people, who contribute to the national political action, and organize a community committed to set  goals and aspirations, to face  challenges.

 It also aims at enhancing  constitutional democracy through dialogue and respect other’s  opinion  .

The  gathering is designated to finding solutions to problems in Syria, in all economic, social, and  political spheres, through actual study of the  social reality and application of scientific results.

Therefore, MSA  drafted its own  vision ,  practical  steps and pursued approach.

Damascus  is MSA headquarters , and  branches will be established in the Syrian governorates , in line with national interests.

MSA Project

  1. Syria’s territorial integrity is the first  uncompromised  priority , comprising  the land inhabited by the Syrian people within the geographical and demarcated borders , and  work to restore  the occupied Syrian lands.

MSA  political and economic vision  and social objectives

Internal policies and  ruling system  :

  1. Given the painful circumstances Syria has been experiencing , and in efforts to bring back stability for Syria , MSA advocates a gradual change from a highly centralized presidential system to a semi-parliamentary system in which responsibilities and powers are divided between the parliament , the presidency and the government, so as to end

Democratic system

Working  to make Syria  a constitutional state based on 3  pillars: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive powers .  Each works  as an undifferentiated and integrated body, allowing distribution of responsibilities and power and prevent monopoly by one authority.

Such complete separation of the three legislative, judicial and executive powers ensures the rule of law and prevents encroachment of one authority  over  the other.

People are the source of authority, so MSA  seeks  changing the   appointment  policy for  state key  positions , including governors,  local administration and election and the formation  of an independent commission, comprising  reliable  judicial bodies that  assume full supervision of management of elections and referendums, once the decision to invite the voters is taken.

Support and promote political pluralism as one of the political process main components and consolidate partnership rules  between the state  and civil society organizations.

Founding a  national constitutional state , rather than a military or police state dominated by state security organs .  It is  not  a “theocracy “   state,  governed by clergies,  nor in the name of the Divine right , but rulers are citizens  elected in accordance with the will of People ,  the nation is the source of authority,  and the basis of assuming positions are  competence , experience and honesty. The nation has  the right to elect  rulers and parliamentarians, and also   to subject them to  accountability and impeachment

  • Maintaining human rights, especially launching  freedoms , preserve fundamental rights for every Syrian, adjust  or restrict these freedoms or violate man’s    rights to  practices or legislation, regardless of color, race, and  religion, especially the freedom of belief. For this, MSA works  for the achievement of fundamental rights and freedoms for  every Syrian , as an  indispensable need  in an advanced society, besides   political and social freedoms that are essential to exercise rights and improve societies.


  • Realizing the principle of citizenship ,abolition of all forms of discrimination and  establishment of all forms of   MSA  seeks  a state based on the principle of citizenship, where all citizens enjoy  equal  rights and duties, guaranteed by law , according to principles of equality and equal opportunities without discrimination on grounds of religion or race. Citizenship means full equality and equal opportunities before  the Constitution and the law and full participation in  rights and duties with the privacy of personal status , legitimized for each person.   Syrians,  from all ethnic, religious and sectarian backgrounds  partners  in the homeland and  builders of its civilization, are united to  promoting  and defending  it against  internal or external threats .  Thus citizenship prevents  sedition and sectarian wars in the same country.


  • Preserving the military establishment as a  protector shield to the homeland and providing it with advanced  military systems and equipments .
  • Supporting and empowering  Syrian women and availing them  to social and political participation.
  • Establishment of the State of  institutions to ensure  State’s  independence from  the political system ,  guaranteeing   neutrality of the administrative apparatus, and adoption of the local administration system, conducive to  decentralization,  independence and deepening  democratic practices.


  • While in the process of   rebuilding the country on solid  grounds, we have  to re-formulate its foreign policy, on new grounds, that meet the  requirements of this  Important  and historical stage , interact with the conscience of the Syrian people and reinforce its  key  role on the  regional  and  international arenas .

Foreign Policy

Syria’s foreign policy should comply with its  nature and potentials as a pivotal and important country at the  International level , able  to carry out an independent , active and influential role.

MSA  foreign policy  aims at  the following :

  • Maintaining balance between various affiliation circles and reviving  Syria’s  regional  role, so as to  achieve further  strategic depth and allows a wider  room at all levels  of relations  with an effective  presence on  the international arena.
  • Openness to all States, in line with people conscience, that serves common interests, as a necessity imposed by the reality of international relations.


  • Adherence to foreign relations principles , reflected in politics of the rights enshrined the Syrians, that embody the aspirations of the Syrian people, away from dependency to international forces, since  formulating an  effective foreign policy is one of the most important elements  to building the  country and strengthening its  regional and international role.

Syria relationship with  various affiliation  circles

  1. Supporting the Palestinian people to their legitimate struggle for restoring  their rights , to nation-building ,  liberate their land and backing their  positions on International arena and coordination with states , advocating policies  supporting Palestinian rights,  from all  geographical and political orientations.
  2. Resuming the Syrian presence at the Arab level,  through  reviving its role  in building inter-Arab relations and enhance economic integration  among various Arab countries.
  3. 3. Promote Syrian- American, European, Russian, Chinese, BRICS countries, relations  and with  all countries whose  interests converge with ours.
  4. Encouraging trade exchange with the said  countries and  increase Investments in Syria through   activating standing  agreements and  opening new horizons with a focus on areas of  productivity and technical disciplines, especially in the field of education, training and expertise transfer .
  5. Maintaining close cooperation with Mediterranean countries in the areas of environment protection and reducing the effects of climate change
  6. Openness to and taking  advantage of global upsurge  experiences,  especially  Asian Tigers countries , cooperation in Political stances   and supporting  joint issues at  the  international arena.
  7. Raising economic cooperation level , increasing  investment and trade exchange and cooperation in information  technology, telecommunications, energy and drug manufacturing and matters pertinent to  modern and sophisticated technology transfer  , and knowledge acquisition.
  8. Promoting tourism , increasing number of tourists   through widening  advertising tourism  in  world markets

Social & economic policy:

Social and economic program:

– The ability to enhance  accountability through preventing  dependency of  institutions and regulatory bodies to  the executive power, rather  annexing  them to the  legislative authority represented by the People’s Assembly, publish its report freely with  full transparency, and  violations to be submitted  the judiciary , without permission from any side.  Besides , supporting  public opinion role in controlling over the institutions, through  supporting the freedom of the press and publishing, and asserting the freedom of expression for individuals and groups, alike .

– Enhancing  the rule of law through boosting  and strengthening  judicial authority,  ensuring  its independence ,  working  to implement its provisions and considering  violations of judicial provisions  as a  punishable crime  by  imprisonment and isolation.

– Ensuring   state  authorities  subordination and abidance to  the law , and consider  every act , issued contrary to the Constitution and the law, as  null and void and requires accountability.

– Activating  and strengthening  civil society and institutions independence , and  providing new financing mechanisms  to carry out  their due role.

– Introducing  an integrated package of laws and legislations on  environment protection and l rights of Syrians in all industrial , agricultural, productivity, urban planning and infrastructure projects, so as to maintain  the desired balance between man’s  consumption pattern and natural environment’s ability to regain vitality. This package  also  addresses several  reform programs , including  environmental impact control mechanisms and assessment, and disseminating  environmental awareness subjects  in the Syrian  educational curricula.

– Progress of nations is measured by achievements in human  development  filed and in building man , for which  MSA program  gives special priority, in ensuring the  right of every citizen to live In a favorable environment, the right to education, and  the right to health care, in order to have a  generation capable of achieving  social development.

– Man  is of great value, as an  effective tool for every desirable  change or reform. His freedom , security and dignity  are the  ultimate goal of every reform. . Hence lies the  importance of building the Syrian man   scientifically , spiritually and a physically integrated person , in order   to prepare  a morally ,  Intellectually,  and nationally committed, loving and knowledgeable generation. A generation  that enjoys Psychological and physical  health, enabling him  to face  life with  awareness and vigilance, and achieving a quantum leap in the country development. Not to forget highlighting  MSA vision on  woman’s  role, her  rights and public duties, and  for developing  sectors of  children and youth.

Therefore, MSA  emphasizes  the importance of social support for woman to help  her performing  her roles in society and promote her  positive participation in the elections and membership  to  elected  legislative and local councils, and strengthen her  conscious participation in various aspects of the development process , so as to meet her demands to a  free and dignified life that fits  her humanitarian and social status.

– MSA believes  that scientific research is the main component to come up with the desired  national revival , as a  solution to many  problems, with the fact that  Syria has a base of researchers, and discerning scholars at home and abroad, and we have to  provide resources and capabilities to mostly benefiting  from  this Syrian  research base.

MSA’s  vision is to have  science as the foundation for development  in Syria, and studies and researches to address main problems, the county faces , rather than  scientific research  to become a welfare paid for by  society  without an  appropriate yield, so the following must be fulfilled :

1 Increasing sums  allocated to scientific research  from GDP

2 Drawing national strategy that allows  technology  transfer ,  resettlement and developments , and using  innovation and invention in solving social problems.

3 Development of higher  studies and research systems in universities  and research centers for the rehabilitation of outstanding researchers .

4 Linking scientific research institutions  with   production centers , services and facilities.

5 Disseminating  intellectual property concept  as a key element in scientific research .

Educational  policy

MSA ‘s  vision to develop and  reform  pre-university education, higher education and scientific research focuses on the four following trends :.

–  For the Syrian person : to have a   knowledgeable graduate  in  respective fields, able to  access  to scientific  research and innovation,  enjoying  thinking and analysis skills , solving  problems , have the spirit of entrepreneurship, able to communicate and work with others effectively, mastering languages and modern  technology , capable of self-learning and Lifetime learning , enjoy sound professional morals, and  providing all means  to benefit  from all these human capabilities. One who volunteers    to serve  his society at the local and international levels  .

For educational institutions : Supporting  educational institutions through increasing its number ,  making them an  incubator for excellence  , efficiently  competitive and able  to accelerate development in various  scientific, economic, cultural, intellectual, artistic, and humanitarian fields.

For  the Syrian society:  development of  the educational  system to  sustainable efficiency and effectiveness, so as to meet aspirations of citizens , in terms of  diversity and flexibility and the requirements of development in terms of number and disciplines, efficiency ,  employability ,development and creativity.

For  human society: Founding an  education excellence center that interacts with needs of the Syrian society and the world, representing  a genuine  added value in the fields of education, higher education and scientific research, so as Syria  to be a beacon of human civilization.

social justice

The absence of social justice was  one of the main reasons that led to what  Syria has been experiencing.  However, achieving  social justice and ensuring fair  distribution of  revenues  of economic activity to achieve Justice, equality and equal opportunities , are but  the country’s  most important duties.  Based on this responsibility, eradication of poverty and unemployment, and the provision of basic services such as public  facilities, education, health care , transportation and telecommunications , improving  living conditions of workers and peasants, and finding  practical solutions to social problems are but the most important  objectives  that MSA  will work for,  to achieve Justice for all citizens, taking into account, that restoring   what has been looted from state funds and Syria’ s rights to its territory , and  fighting  corruption and deliberate waste of  sovereign resources are but the  guarantor for  providing  the necessary resources to achieve social justice among  all citizens.

The following should  be fulfilled :

Income  redistribution in order to achieve justice and ensures that everyone gets  sufficient  income that meets  his life  requirements, determining the minimum and maximum ceilings of  wages, and change the current wage structure, by making basic wages as  the backbone of salaries.

It is recognized that unemployment hit almost every house in Syria, being  rural or urban, male or  female, and mostly among learners  This problem is  attributed to several factors, and has multiple social economic and political consequences. However,  MSA ‘s  vision to embrace policies aimed at resolving the problem,  in the short term  through :

  • creating a national grant fund for the unemployed , with smooth granting procedures through drawing an organizing law , and a database on unemployment situation.
  • re-operating idled personnel existed in various sectors of the national economy.
  • maintaining successful public sector projects.
  • improving investment climate and the elimination of obstacles hindering  the private sector.
  • advancement of public health services and educational programs , a project which attracts  large number of graduates.
  • expansion of training programs for various professions , in the area of unemployment.

In the long term

  • creation of productive employment, by giving a strong impetus for investment and growth in various sectors of the national economy.
  • increase national investments so that to accommodate the increasing numbers of new comers to the  labor market,  annually.


  • Strengthening and empowering  civil society and its various institutions to ensure  democracy and preserve people vitality , and even never returning  back to the era of the state dominance of  this sector.
  • Civil society as a genuine partner in the construction and the renaissance of any State should not be neglected, or oppressed  or restricted, since it constitutes the state triangle with both the private sector and the government.
  • cooperating with the legislative authorities in providing  constitutional and legal  protection for citizens rights  to organization and interaction with the society, and launching  freedoms for citizens participation   in society’s  empowerment and development.

the environment

Environment, both urban and natural,  represents a pivotal role in nations development, and  combines together  with economic development , the three social foundations for  sustainable development.  MSA  believes in the importance of implementing sustainable development principles as  part of the efforts to re-build the Syrian economy.  In this context, MSA  considers  environment as one of the resources that should be invested in  and preserved for future generations, and  also as an engine for development and an integral part of the economy, MSA seeks to build ..

Comprehensive human development

Human Development Policy


  • Activating youths role in the political process and considering efficiency , ability and desire as components  to join public work ,as  key indicators on the importance of political action, that  starts from the next local councils elections.
  • Enhancing youth activism, and sports sector in Syria, at the institutional , technical and professional levels .


The right to housing is fundamental, that most Syrians aspire , therefore the state  must  remove hindering  obstacles , through :

  • Building a new mortgage finance system that facilitates citizens acquisition  process.
  • Supporting Syrian real-estate sector directed to poor and middle –class families  with  needed   infrastructure and services.
  • Giving priority to enable newly married young worker, capable of earning to own  and facilitate mechanisms and timings, so as not to  adversely affect the family’s ability to good  living
  • rehabilitation of uninhabited real estate projects, built by the state and stalled due to corruption and construction errors , according to the new real estate financing system

Health Policy

Health care system:

MSA  will work on having a highly efficient  health system , enabling  Syrian citizens enjoy conscious healthy practices, and participate in constructing and supporting    the  health system  via  communal involvement

Developmental  economics:

The modern concept of development based on science and knowledge is inseparable from social justice and developmental  , and  hence the state has  to re-activate Its role  through prioritizing the followings:

1  fighting  corruption system

2 policy-making:

  • Economic Policies
  • Financial Policies
  • monetary policies
  • trade policies

3 Full exploitation of resources

4 Improving  parallel  (un official) economy

MSA   main driver for drawing  economic  policies  is the basic , real and urgent needs of all the  Syrian society without the predominance of one party  or sect on the other.


Local entrepreneurship  project

It aims to implement  economic development at the local  level, rather than the  national, while maintaining the size of the project as a national project sponsored by each governorate  through its  resources and labor force , and having  consensus and  approval on the project by all community members  on  the same goal .

objectives of local entrepreneurship project:

  • Economic development: is intended to activate governorate’s special  economy   through  boosting  economic capacity and  the need to use all resources in  encouraging investment.
  • Social Development: is intended to alleviate the social aspect through adoption of social policies that help improving  living standards and reduce poverty, especially in local communities through creating  Jobs and carrying out activities for the development of society , in a way to  reduce  unemployment and elimination  of social ills.
  • Improving the quality of services provided at the communal level in poverty-suffering areas , through  carrying out  different developmental programs including  education, environmental health,  and services sectors .
  • Political Development: reflected in the development of masses capacities  to clearly perceive their problems and develop their abilities to mobilize all available resources to meet these challenges and problems,  pragmatically and realistically.
  • Stimulating citizen to participate in the development process, by  providing  him with  material and moral support , making him  feel as an  important element in his community , where he can  provide necessary services  for development , when deficiencies and shortages do exist ,
  • Support local administration so that it can develop and be out of poverty, by providing aid to carry out projects  that  eliminate shortfalls
  • Embarking on decentralization, which means independence of authority  and administration, so as  to develop appropriate  projects.

Development sectors

  1. Agriculture sector:
  • Vertical development that relies on improving irrigation, seeds, and mechanization, resulted by an increase in agricultural production rates.
  • Land reclamation.
  • Ensuring agricultural jobs.
  • Increasing the per capita arable land.
  • Giving priority to vertical orientation agriculture
  1. livestock and grazing sector:
  • Establishment of several grasslands protectorates to increase  Pastoral capacity
  1. Industry Sector:
  • Giving attention to infrastructure in industrial zones
  • Prioritizing export-oriented industry
  1. tourism sector:
  • Boosting different types of tourism
  • Development of reserves adjacent areas
  • Encouraging cultural and health tourism … etc.
  1. services sector:
  • Creating small industries investment opportunities to develop young people capacity and increase their contribution to  private investment.
  • Establishing research centers and units and technology universities, that  contribute to development

Security & safety system

Full respect for human rights,  fundamental freedoms, progress of societies  on democratic pluralism,  and the rule of law are, but  indispensable conditions to achieve progress in laying the foundations of security, justice and social peace. Doubtless,  security is a basic  pillar In  the construction of modern society, and an essential requirement  to establish a true democratic system and  start  comprehensive development programs , especially  economic and social ones.

MSA program  stresses  work  development  of the Ministry of the Interior and re structuring it  in a way that meets present and future requirements. It aims at :

  • The General Security System GSS- with all sectors –  to carry out functional duties, efficiently and  effectively,  by applying  latest  scientific systems and  methods, with an  emphasis  on  the main objectives  of  police performance  as a manifestation of the rule of law.
  • ensuring society’s security and safety .
  • safeguarding rights and freedoms
  • maintaining public order by crime prevention and reduction  and  security violations.
  • providing assistance and services to the public

To achieve  these objectives ,  the security apparatus should  work  according to the law and its enforcement  standards , ensure  protection of  the rights and dignity of  the Syrian citizen  and enhance communication, and mutual understanding with the public  served by  the security apparatus.

Security sector development

  1. Develop and modify the Police Authority Act , according to latest world systems , in line with social conditions , and commitment to transparency and social control standards.
  2. Restructuring the organizational structure of public administrations and the Ministry of Interior departments , by means of merging , transfer to other ministries, or abrogation , when a suitable replacement is ensured .
  3. Provide a healthy environment and climate for the performance of the security work, for the dignity of both the citizen and the security man.
  4. Draw a proper legal framework, as a prior necessary condition for the rational management of the security sector, whose effectiveness and success, linked the extent of its subjugation to accountability , stressing the need to define the role of the various security services and  assigned functions, privileges granted to  security  apparatus and  , restrictions on their authorities , as well as defining the role and powers of the institutions that manage and have control  over security services.

Special Index :

  1. One of MSA’s priorities is  to help displaced return to the homeland,  in accordance with  humanitarian and legal conditions on the basis of its set project.
  2. Seeking national reconciliation among  the society’s  various components and individuals..
  3. Efforts to know the fate of missing persons.
  4. Efforts to  release the detainees held by  all  parties.
  1. As the process of reconstruction is MSA.’s priorities, reconstruction companies from home and abroad are invited to take part, according to proper  environmental  and technical conditions .